Aaron Bernard, M.S.

Nothing excites Aaron Bernard, M. S. more than helping people achieve their respective, professional and personal goals.

Aaron is vibrant and his energy is contagious. He loves assisting his clients in identifying their core values and illuminating their life purpose. Aaron thrives in shifting his clients from feeling ‘stuck’ to becoming ‘unstuck.’ Aaron also enjoys working with his clients to help acknowledge the various angles posed by life’s challenges and approach them from different perspectives.

One of his strengths is creating a safe emotional environment for his clients to feel comfortable sharing without judgment. Through this trusting space, Aaron is able to work with his clients to bring out their true selves as well as assist with fostering skills such as strengthening communication abilities and developing strong interpersonal skills. Improving interpersonal and professional relationships in a workplace invariably increases the company’s overall work morale, especially when working from the top, with its executives.

Aaron Bernard has earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Psychology and Master’s of Science degree in Marriage and Family Therapy.

He has also trained at The Coach Training Institute (CTI) and is currently a member of the International Coaching Federations (ICF). Aaron is also the Founder of the A. L. Bernard Coaching Services and Co-Founder of Bernard and Kubiak Family Coaching Services. Aaron has worked with Individuals, Couples, Families, C-Suite Executives, Professionals, Entertainers (Both the executives and the talent) and Entrepreneurs.

Collectively, Aaron has 15 years of work experience between psychotherapy and coaching.

His professional experience has made him an expert and has allowed him to study human behavior, goal setting, leadership. His goal is to help good leader become even better versions of themselves through his vast training and experience.

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