Ryan Davis, M.D.

Goals, Dreams, Aspirations, sure that is a good place to start.

Dr. Davis launched his executive and business coach career from a successful psychiatric business. Dr. Davis has seen that by blending the science of medicine to the art of psychology he is able to diagnosis and then join with you on your individual path to deeper fulfillment. Dr. Davis will help foster individual performance in a business and home context. He is able to advise on business and domestic matters with an ever-present eye on balancing the whole you. This can be accomplished by exploring your subjective experience with a focus on the future, helping you discover your own path.

Dr. Davis’ extensive understanding of the human brain and mind, coupled with a deep understanding of human development enables him to understands how people think and behave. Dr. Davis knows that your best self is already in you but has yet to be tapped. Dr. Davis relies on these fundamentals to provide clients with the upper hand on their path to success.

Dr. Davis blends the practical and logical medical perspective to the more intuitive and introspective psychological. This allows him to see situations from a 360-degree view. Dr. Davis is able to deeply connect with people in multiple spheres and in every phase of life and career. He aims to take talented people and help them reach their peak performance through powerful coaching. Dr. Davis values education and lifelong self-improvement, he has studied and trained at many top universities including:

  • University of Michigan
  • University of Virginia
  • Harvard Medical School
  • UCLA
  • The Co-Active Training Institute (formerly Coach Training Institute)

He is a member of the International Coaching Federation and an Affiliate Member of the Institute of Coaching, at McLean Hospital, a Harvard Medical School affiliate.  Dr. Davis continues to be both a Board Certified Child and Adult psychiatrist and is the Co-founder of the Mind Health Institute, a multi-site multidisciplinary mental health organization.

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